Techware Packaging

About Techware

Techware was created by Professor CPU/ Siginet Software owner Christopher L. Greer. Christopher Greer is no stranger to the technician software field. He has become a household name for many of his free programs, such as: RVM integrator, Windows XP Powerpacker, DriverGrabber, Siginet's Office Integrator and Gotcha! Data Backup. As a software developer and a Computer Repair Store owner, he prides himself in creating programs that will make the process more efficient. Techware is the ultimate Maintenance efficiency tool.

The program was a maintenance vision of Christophers, as he was trying to find a solution in which to properly maintain several networks at the utmost capacity. He knew that creating a maintenance management program would allow for his technicians to effectively and efficiently provide service to clientele. For over 6 years Professor CPU has been utilizing the tool and testing via live networks, to ensure the product was fully functional.

Techware is now available to the public! Techware is a full Maintenance Management Software, that allows for technicians and businesses to effectively maintain their networks. However, its simple enough that home users can use it as well.

Think of it as your very own personal Virtual PC Technician.