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Why is Techware beneficial to computer technicians?

Preventive Maintenance is an essential part of keeping a network running properly and at maximum efficiency. This will allow for less downtime and increased productivity. As most IT professionals know, Preventive maintenance takes time, especially when you are working to manage several networks and clients. We have a SOLUTION! The solution is Techware. Techware is a maintenance management system. Techware is a unique, one of a kind system that is easy to install, can be customized to suit your clients needs, and scheduled. Should an issue arise with a computer during maintenance, the computer log will be flagged red, and the technician will be notified. Most issues are resolved during the maintenance scan, however it is flagged to bring the attention to the technician should additional repairs be required. .

By using Techware, an IT professional could easily monitor status of every computer in their account by simply logging in and browsing the color coded maintenance logs. Major issues can be averted before they cause any harm because the maintenance management system is testing all necessary hardware and software.

Techware increases efficiency and productivity. Techware allows the user to save settings files which technicians can modify to auto launch specific tasks instantly, as soon as the user launches the settings file. This comes in use when you have a Techware customer who contacts you with a specific issue. You can email them or point them to the settings file on your website and instruct them to launch it.

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Become a Certified Techware partner Today! As a Techware partner, you will become part of the Techware team. As a Techware partner, you are able to offer the Techware product to your clients. As a partner, you are given the flexibility of setting the price, and packages. Many partners have chosen to create Maintenance packages for their clients, which provides their clients with additional services.There is NO upfront costs to become a Techware partner!!

Techware is a tool you can use and offer to your clients, that will make your service more efficient, and make you more money!

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