Techware Packaging

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Techware HIPAA Compliant?

Yes Techware is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Compliant. It does not transmit any personal information in any way. The only information it transmits is information according to Virus/Spyware removal and other progress which is done throughout the program. The information that is transmitted is also encrypted. So it is completely safe to use Techware in the medical environment. It is actually extremely recommended to use Techware in an environment with sensitive data because it helps ensure the computers are clean from Viruses, Spyware or other forms of Malware... which is a method of transmitting sensitive data.

A program I would like to utilize in my Preventive Maintenance through Techware is not currently supported. Will it be supported in the future?

New Instructions are being implemented to into Techware all of the time. If you would like an unsupported program to be supported please let us know on our forum. There are many users online who can assist in creating a plugin for your utility.

Why would I need Techware when I already own an Antivirus Suite?

Techware is a complete Preventive Maintenance solution. It not only automates your favorite Antivirus, Antispyware and Antimalware utilities... It also can automate many other types of programs, Like Defragmentation, Updates, Backups and so on. It also allows you to setup a schedule for all programs to be run in a consecutive basis, meaning each utility is executed one after another in an organized fashion. It also keeps a color coded log in your online database so that you can log into your account and view your log history very easily for every computer in your account.

How do I cancel service if I need to?

You can cancel service at any time by contacting Techware Solutions Inc. Or by logging into your account and choosing the cancel option.

If I was dissatisfied with my service can I receive a refund?

We do issue refunds for valid reasons within 3 days of the date the payment was made. All Credit Card payments are setup on Auto Payment and are charged automatically either yearly or monthly depending on the plan selected at signup. If a technician had to provide any services to computers or equipment there may be some charges that can not be refunded. For instance if we were to provide a virus cleanup, a computer reinstall and so on.

I am a Computer Technician and I think your software is great! I was wondering... is there some sort of affiliate program so that I can help market Techware and make some money to put into my own pocket?

Actually yes there is. If you are interested... please contact us for further information on how you can become an affiliate and benefit in helping us market this very remarkable program. :)